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Healthy Habits: Inside & Out

Healthy Habits: Inside & Out

As the new year usually goes, everyone wants to better themselves and in the process that can add lots of pressure. Being healthy on the inside as well as the outside, not only comes with a mindset but with time. We believe that small steps can bring big results and introducing healthy habits doesn't have to seem like such a chore. 

  • Take a 10 minute walk everyday

    This might be stating the obvious, but a short walk can help improve your mental health and fitness. If you are working everyday and don’t do much walking it’s important to get some steps in - not only to help you stay fit, but to recharge your mind in a new environment. 

  • Where you can walk to the furthest bathroom, park your car far away from the entrance, take the stairs - all the steps add up and the more you do this slight change, you’ll notice the difference and it will become second nature.

  • Find creative substitutes for unhealthy foods

    We all love a fast food binge or a night in watching films eating our body weight in chocolate, or the sweet treat with a cuppa tea at work. This is something that can catch up on us and the guilt of unhealthy eating kicks in!

    Having a good relationship with all foods is important and if you have a sweet tooth, finding ways to balance out the sugars & fats with healthy substitutes can minimize the guilt. Try using low-fat dairy, whole grains, healthy oils such as avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil, natural sweeteners like honey and eating fruit (maybe coated in dark chocolate - because we are all about balance at Boost Skincare!)

  • Drink ONE extra glass of water a day

    There is nothing to lose with drinking more water and the health benefits are nothing we don’t already know. However, water can be a lot of effort to drink all day (and let’s not forget the constant need for the toilet!)

    But adding one extra glass into your daily consumption can help keep you hydrated for longer, keeps bowel movements more active & your body working the best.

    PS. You can always add no sugar cordial to help!

  • These 3 small changes can really help elevate how you feel on the inside and in turn has a massive effect on how you look on the outside. Too many changes at once can be hard to maintain, so don’t rush, take things one day at a time - step by step. You’ve got this!